Established in 2019, this company was inspired by my first dog Luigi - my SoulMutt. His paw print is in our logo so he can forever be a part of helping animals too. My dream since I was a little girl, like many others - is to save all the animals! Through the sale of our animal advocate apparel, together we are able to help local animals in need. 
      When you shop us, 10% of the net proceeds of every single purchase is going to help animals in need from any one of the 35+ wonderful rescues, shelters or organizations within a 55 mile radius of Lorain, OH that we have worked with. Your support will assist in anywhere from providing meals to emergency medical care - your purchase makes a difference in our community!
       We advocate for the underdogs, with an extra special spot for the big head  bigger heart - pit bull type dogs & the seniors, we also promote the importance of spay/neuter as well as raising awareness of the overwhelming amount of animals in shelters & rescues desperately needing a loving home & the benefits of fostering them. We especially encourage you to don't shop but adopt your SoulMutt, they come in all sizes, breeds & ages - yours can be as close as your nearest shelter!                                                                                                                   
      SoulMutts is a woman owned small business & we print everything locally!                                                             
~ Our SoulMutts ~  
Luigi (2007-2022), Hodge (2010-2021),Mary Puppins (2021-2022), Mr.Wendel (2021-2022), forever foster Franklin (2022-2023)
Bernadette, Fancy, current foster Remi